Cardiff Chess Club

Summer Programme 2012

Every Tue evening during the summer Cardiff Chess Club runs a summer programme of fun events for all visitors and members, it's free.

At the YMCA The Walk Cardiff.

Please register at 7.15pm on the night for a 7.30pm start

Dates Events
June 05 Tandem Simul *
June 12 10-Min
June 19 Random Back Rank
June 26 5-Min 
July 03 World Champion Episodes
July 10 05/10/15-Min
July 17 Time Handicap
July 24 End Game
July 31 15-min Swiss
Aug 07 15-Min Swiss
Aug 14 Gambit
Aug 21 10-Min
Aug 28 Lightning
*   Also Chess Bargain Book Sale





Tandem Simul: You are invited to play against two strong players, who will make alternate moves against you.

10 Min tournament: Both opponents have 10 minutes for all moves, hopefully 5 rounds.

Random Back Rank: (Using Bobby Fischer rules) with back rank pieces placed randomly. 10 minute each per round.

5-Min tournament: Both opponents have 5 minutes for all moves, hopefully up to 7 rounds.

Time Handicap: 20 minutes each round is divided unequally accorded to playing strength.

World Champion Episodes: Position from world championship events.

05/10/15Min tournament: Each round will have a different time rate.

15 Min Swiss: Popular events played over two weeks.

End Game: Positions are set up and you play from those positions.

 Gambit: Positions are reached from a gambit opening, then play on.

Lightning: When the buzzer goes on your turn you must move.